Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hey Foodies! Check out Waiting on Others - Truly Independent Media

Hi everyone,

Buffalo-Chicken-Moments was born out of frustration working a culinary survival job, as they're called. Most of us have had jobs like this before, something to pay the rent or help bring down debt and student loans. The new webseries Waiting on Others ( is the closest that I could imagine to a TV version of this blog. The show brought me on as its producer and I am thrilled to join the project.

Check out the Facebook page and the trailer, now showing on a dedicated Waiting on Others YouTube channel. This is a really exciting time for creative enterprise. If you believe in independent media, creative people removing all obstacles to create something unique and interesting, show us some love and view our clips, Like and Share our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter. Be part of something building from the ground up.

And when you do watch our clips and trailers, say hi on the Facebook page. We're a community and we want to hear from you. Your voice matters!

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