Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Exciting New Project - "Waiting on Others"

Hello dear readers,

I will begin with my most sincere apologies for being so terribly absent for most of the last year. In a new job with a new, strict confidentiality clause and little customer interaction, I have lacked material. But I am very lucky to have met and joined a phenomenal creative team that will launch a hilarious new webseries in 2012 called Waiting on Others. Check out the website.


This show is everything that I ever hoped Buffalo-Chicken-Moments could be, only with better writing and narrative development. As their new producer, I will begin using this forum to promote the series. And I am inviting every food or media blogger out there to view and review each episode as they air.

We are planning a launch party for January 2012 and I expect to extend a limited number of passes to bloggers interested in covering the show. Let's be honest everyone, blogs like this one and readers like you are the wave of the future in entertainment. I am inviting everyone to join us as we show the restaurant industry as it is (with wit) and honor the spirit of making it in New York, the things that make this city so special. Please feel welcome to contact me with questions. This is an exciting project and I'm happy to bring it to my readership first.

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