Sunday, September 19, 2010

Buffalo Chicken Nuggets - A Few (Thankfully) Brief Exchanges that Make Us Laugh

It is inevitable that every shift will bring at least one or two, but usually more, customer exchanges that make the staff shake their heads. I call these exchanges Buffalo Chicken Nuggets. Really, they are innocent enough on their own. Bottom line: customers sometimes ask stupid questions, make ridiculous comments, or get passive aggressive. And while it is my job to be courteous, sometimes I can't silence the little wise ass cook on my shoulder. Yes, I get a little snarky, particularly when my intelligence is questioned.

Here are a couple BC Nugget exchanges that I've had in the last week - random funny questions, comments or shows of concern for my ineptitude that I just can't let go without a saucy comeback.


Customer: Are you the chef of the day?

David: I'm a chef everyday.


Customer (standing directly in front of the soup menu): Do you know the soup of the day?

David: Yes, in fact I do. Thanks for asking.

This exchange can vary from menu to menu, item to item. Here's an example.

Customer (standing in front of the sandwich menu): Do you know the ingredients of this sandwich? You really should know that.

David: Yes, I do know the ingredients.

Customer: Well, what are they?

David: The secret ingredient is TLC. For everything else, we have a handy little menu right there in front of you. Let me know if you have any other questions and I would be happy to help.


Customer: I would like a hamburger with cheese, a chicken tender kids meal, and a small chili. Oh, would you like me to slow down for you? Can you remember it without writing it down?

David: Don't worry sir. I'm smarter than the average bear.


Customer: I don't know what that stuff is. What is it?

David: That's a zucchini gratin, ma'am served with a stuffed portobello mushroom.

Customer: Zucchini gratin? What kind of meat is that?

David: Zucchini is a vegetable ma'am.

Customer: What is that stuffed mushroom wrapped in to make it stay like that?

David: That is the mushroom, ma'am.

Customer: I don't think you're right.

David: Fair enough. How about I get you a tuna sandwich?

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